Dumb, Dangerous and Sexist, Oh My!

June 3, 2018 GMT

By Marisa DeFranco

Special to the Sentinel & Enterprise

Samantha Bee is ignorant. See that? I criticized a woman without making it about gender. Bee’s hurtling of the “c” word against Ivanka Trump is despicable, and especially hypocritical given Bee’s (hollow) protestations about sexism. That word is intrinsically linked to misogyny. Its only use is to literally cut a woman down to her body part, denying her the status of an actual human being.

It’s not surprising though, coming from a woman who went all in for the misogynist Linda Sarsour and the “Women’s March.” In case you missed it, Sarsour tweeted about a woman who suffered the torture of FGM, “She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away -- they don’t deserve to be women.”

But, as usual, the media at large are missing the bigger picture: Bee is incredibly irresponsible, wildly ignorant and exceedingly dangerous with her immigration pieces. See how I use my words to criticize behavior instead of attacking a woman based on her immutable characteristic? Watch and learn, Sam.

Over the last two years, Bee has dutifully put forth the trampled borders propaganda under the guise of comedy and faux sympathy for the downtrodden. It’s real easy to crack jokes for a pretty penny salary, but does she drop her career and spend thousands of free hours ministering to this population about whom she professes to care so much?

In 2016, on refugees, she hit the trifecta of lies: “Refugees are all wonderful/system of vetting is impenetrable/terrorists could never infiltrate because many go to Europe, not the U.S.” She chortled haughtily on that last point, deriding people who believe the refugee process is a straight beeline to America.

Here’s the truth: Some refugees are terrible people who beat their children (I’ve represented the abused kids); the vetting is a joke; and terrorists play the long game. A passport or refugee travel document in any of the 38 countries that have Visa Waiver entry privileges into the U.S. is a golden ticket into the U.S. for any terrorist.

In 2017, Bee did careless pieces on criminal immigrants. First, she was oozing sympathy for an immigrant who had a “minor” crime, agitating against this woman’s deportation. Well, that woman was arrested in college for drug trafficking: she had seven ecstasy pills on her and served nine months in jail. How about all those American citizens who manage to go to college and never have even one ecstasy pill on them? Immigrants who can’t up their game to follow the laws all of we Americans follow should be deported.

Then there was the piece she did on Sanctuary Cities, showing a clip of New York City Mayor Bill DiBlasio, who called running through a stop sign a minor offense. That one was a twofer -- two ignoramuses pontificating their righteous love for reckless immigrants. Blowing through a stop sign is actually dangerous and kills people, you betrayers of safety. In fact, each year, 3,643 fatalities result from such recklessness. The minimization of crime by Bee, DiBlasio and their cohorts, especially crimes committed by immigrants, legal or illegal, is inexcusable.

And recently Bee perpetuated yet another false narrative, that 1,500 migrant “kids” are now “missing” after being “ripped away” from their “families.” Bee and the media want you to swallow these fictions wholesale, but they are assumptions, not facts.

One, with the chaos and fraud at the border, it is extremely difficult to ascertain identity and age. Border officers generously give the benefit of the doubt to people, but many of these so-called kids are actually over 18.

Two, no one is being ripped away. No one forced any “family” to come to our border.

Three, what Bee assumes are families are often adults using trafficked kids to gain entry into the U.S. Finally, they are not missing. Many of these “kids” are placed with their illegal migrant relatives who don’t answer the phone or door when the government attempts to follow up with them.

She screamed at Ivanka to “Do something! ____(expletive).” Why don’t you and your cohorts do something, Sam? Stop encouraging the entire world to trample our borders by relentlessly propagating the “we will give everyone amnesty and forgive all your crimes” drumbeat that drives the stampede that results in unaccompanied “minors”?

Bee said that politicians should let her stick to comedy. Well, that goes both ways, Sam. You don’t have the foggiest clue what you’re talking about, so stop talking about immigration law and policy. Your irresponsibility feeds into the lawlessness on immigration that is literally killing Americans.

Marisa DeFranco is an immigration lawyer and occasional WBZ-radio talk show host. Write to her at: mdefranco@yourimmigrationcenter.com .