GNC agrees to changes to avoid sale of unlawful products

December 7, 2016 GMT

DALLAS (AP) — Federal authorities say nutritional supplement retailer GNC Holdings has agreed to alter its practices to avoid selling unlawful dietary products.

In a statement Wednesday, the U.S. Justice Department said GNC’s efforts to ensure the legality of products on its shelves are “lacking.”

Pittsburgh-based GNC, the world’s largest dietary supplement retailer, will pay a $2.25 million fine in the agreement with the Justice Department.

Investigators found GNC allowed a misbranded supplement to be sold at its stores in 2013. Authorities say the supplement was made by a Dallas lab that illegally used products manufactured at a Chinese chemical factory.

Operators of the lab are under indictment and awaiting trial.

GNC said in a statement it has taken a leadership role in setting industry standards on quality and compliance.