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Carbon use is part of modern living -- Ray Unger

September 6, 2018 GMT

Like clockwork, after any weather-related disaster such as the recent floods, the climate changers come out of the woodwork and chastise the climate change deniers for not accepting the science.

But despite the vitriol, both groups have something in common: Both enjoy modern living.

We all have cars, own homes that we heat and cool, commute to work, take vacations and drive to sporting events. When it’s all said and done, I bet we have fairly equal carbon footprints.

But the climate changers have a plan: A federal carbon fee and dividend. Anyone with the least bit of economic understanding would realize that such a plan would have minimal impact on carbon output. Remember when gas was $4 a gallon? Did gas consumption go down much? And we didn’t even get a refund.


If the climate changers are right, and generations from now people will wonder what we did to avert it, the answer is simple. The climate changers wrote letters to the editor and slapped themselves on the back for being self-righteous.

Ray Unger, Madison