OU football: What’s led to Calvin Thibodeaux’s recruiting success? Text, Twitter, FaceTime and a savvy head coach

March 30, 2018 GMT

NORMAN - Oklahoma’s Calvin Thibodeaux was named one of Rivals’ top 25 recruiters nationally during the 2018 cycle.

Thibodeaux was credited by Rivals for nabbing key recruits Michael Thompson, Ron Tatum, Ronnie Perkins, Jalen Redmond and Jordan Kelley.

OU’s defensive ends coach was humble when asked about the honor.

“It just happened to turn out that way,” Thibodeaux said following Wednesday’s practice. “At the end of the day it’s about identifying talent and building relationships and just being constant in that pursuit, whether it’s texting, whether it’s Twitter. You name it. FaceTime.”


How does Thibodeaux build trust with a recruit from day one?

“You just make sure that they feel comfortable with you. You’re just yourself,” Thibodeaux said. “If that’s good enough for them, you just continue to build that relationship. Constantly. You write them, you text them, you FaceTime them. You do it all.

“You just constantly build that relationship to where (they) say, ‘That guy is working his butt off. He really wants me to be at the University of Oklahoma.’”

Thibodeaux, who is entering his third season in Norman, adds recruiting is a group effort anchored by head coach Lincoln Riley.

“It’s pretty awesome when you can hand the phone to your head man and he’s calling out their brother and sister’s name and I’m looking back like, ‘Wow,’” Thibodeaux said. “Not that coach (Bob) Stoops wasn’t doing that, but it is big time when you hand him the phone. It allows you to go get those type of guys. It’s been pretty good.”