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Indictment Charges 11 With Smuggling 7,304 Pounds

October 23, 1986

MIAMI (AP) _ A grand jury indictment unsealed Thursday accused 11 men with operating a smuggling ring that shipped more than six tons of cocaine from Colombia through the Bahamas to Florida in less than five years.

The 7,304 pounds of cocaine would have been worth $418 million in street sales, said Fred Schneyer of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Two Colombian brothers, Alvaro Donado, 39, of West Palm Beach and Rudolfo Donado, 46, of Bogota, were accused of providing the cocaine.

Attorney Nigel Bowe of Nassau, who faces separate federal and state indictments, is accused of acting as an intermediary for the smuggling ring by offering it protection from law enforcement, Schneyer said.

Frank Brady, 53, was charged under a separate indictment with offering his ranch, Indiantown, as the transfer point in the United States.

Brady has agreed under a plea bargain to give evidence against ring members and forfeit $4 million in cash and property, Schneyer said. Brady already has surrendered $1.5 million in property and $600,000 cash.

Rodger Davis, 38, of Freeburg, Ill., is accused of organizing distribution from the ranch to Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and California.

Colombian native Jose Cabrera-Sarmiento, 55, who is accused of working with the Donados, already has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement in a ring responsible for smuggling 15,837 pounds of cocaine into the United States.

The Oct. 1 indictment was an outgrowth of an earlier investigation that indicted Cabrera-Sarmiento in 1984 and eventually produced charges against 52 people. He faces trial Dec. 1 on those charges.

Others named in the new indictment as pilots and boaters who helped smuggle cocaine were: Glen Degelman, 34, of Pitts Meadows, British Columbia, who was arrested Saturday in the British Virgin Islands; Loren Florey, 39, Minnetonka, Minn.; Arsenio Ramos, 45, Miami; Manuel Lopez, 38, Miami; Nevio Echevarry, 45, hometown unavailable; and Jorge Camacho-Silva, 32, hometown unavailable.