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EgyptAir Jet Crash-Lands in Zimbabwe

February 23, 2000 GMT

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) _ An engine on an EgyptAir jet hit the runway and fell off the plane during a landing in bad weather at Harare airport, the airline said today. There were no serious injuries reported among the 76 passengers.

Eight passengers were admitted to hospital with ``minor injuries as a result of the evacuation,″ which happened late Tuesday, EgyptAir said in a statement from Cairo, Egypt. No details were reported about the crew of Flight 880.

Tuesday night’s accident is the second involving an EgyptAir Boeing 767 in four months. On Oct. 31, an EgyptAir Boeing 767 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean off the eastern United States, killing all 217 people aboard. Investigations into that crash are continuing.

It was still unclear what went wrong during Flight 880′s scheduled landing at Harare airport Tuesday night. The flight was on its way to Cairo from Johannesburg, South Africa, in bad weather with high cross winds, the airline said.

``On landing, one of the engines touched the ground and separated from the wing, and the plane left the runway. The pilot was able to maneuver the plane back on to the runway and make a safe stop, despite the engine’s separation,″ the statement said.

EgyptAir planned to send a relief aircraft to Harare to fly the passengers home. A team of investigators was to examine the landed plane for possible causes to the accident.

Zimbabwe’s main international airport was closed overnight, and incoming flights were rerouted to the second city of Bulawayo. The airport was reopened today.

The Zimbabwe state Civil Aviation department released no further information on the incident.