Clinton resurrects 1964 ‘Confessions of a Republican’ ad

July 18, 2016 GMT

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Monday hit Republican Donald Trump with an attack straight out of the Lyndon Johnson playbook, resurrecting and refreshing a famous 1964 commercial that it says is as relevant today as it was five decades ago.

In the commercial, “Confessions of a Republican II,” actor Bill Bogert, a Republican, says he’ll vote for Mrs. Clinton over Mr. Trump in November. Mr. Bogert spoke in the original “Confessions of a Republican” ad more than 50 years ago and said that, even as a Republican, he couldn’t support GOP candidate Barry Goldwater. The advertisement was part of Democrats’ broader campaign to paint Goldwater as an extremist that even some Republicans couldn’t support.

“I mean, when the head of the Ku Klux Klan, when all these weird groups come out in favor of the candidate of my party either they’re not Republicans or I’m not,” Mr. Bogert said in the 1964 version of the commercial.

In the updated ad, Mr. Bogert says his party is once again making a terrible mistake with its nominee.

“Trump says we need unpredictability when it comes to using nuclear weapons. What is that supposed to mean? When a man says that, he sounds a lot like a threat to humanity,” the actor says in the ad. “I’ve thought about just not voting, but you can’t do that. That’s like saying you don’t care who wins, and I do care. I think the party is about to make a terrible mistake in Cleveland and I’m going to have to vote against that mistake on the eighth of November.”