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Letter: A proposal to settle our ills

December 23, 2018 GMT

The current array of negative issues bombarding this society, as well as affecting many others, calls for amelioration.

We are experiencing a damaging series of divisive situations well beyond the felt political arenas. Those factors vital to health, trade, global alliances and information movement are severely affected. The very protection of our air and water is under duress. The remarkable increase in the utilization of appropriate data has been countered by the onset of disinformation and the quasi-acceptance of lies injurious to this democracy.

Therefore, with the current president properly under fire from numerous legitimate sources, his continuance in office bodes ill on a global scale. His best decision, for himself and the nation, is to resign. He may then return full time to his penchant to become hotelier to the world.


The action would allow succession of powers to the vice president who could issue a Nixon-type full pardon, thereby settling the several contentious matters currently in vogue.

Such a move could put this struggling nation back on the proper track from which it has been de-railed. This action would avoid the need for impeachment, thereby soothing many frayed nerves.

What a holiday gift and welcome New Year’s resolution.

Gene Flaten, Rochester