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‘No-wake’ rule takes effect on Rock River

September 4, 2018 GMT

DIXON – A no-wake ordinance takes effect today for the Rock River in Lee County, and will be in place until river levels get below the flood stage, 13 feet, Sheriff John Simonton said in a news release.

Boats and other watercraft are restricted to traveling no faster than 5 mph.

The National Weather Service is predicting that the river level will rise to above 16 feet sometime Wednesday, causing flooding in low-lying areas adjacent to the river – specifically the Page Park Drive area in Dixon, Woodland Shores and possibly portions of White Oaks Road, Simonton said in the release.

“At this time, the river is predicted to be at or below the ‘action stage’ late Friday. In addition, the river current is still at a dangerous speed, over twice the normal flow of the current. It is suggested that boaters refrain from using the Rock River, due to the exceptionally strong current and floating debris,” the release said.

The action stage is the level at which action must be taken to keep people safe.

No-wake also is in effect in Whiteside and Ogle counties.