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Common Crumb slated to resume retail in early 2019

December 12, 2018 GMT

Chef Jeremy Hansen now plans to reopen Common Crumb Artisan Bakery in mid to late January or early February.

The bake shop, located in the back of the Saranac Commons building in downtown Spokane, suspended its retail and wholesale operations earlier this fall to rebrand and shift focus.

One baker has continued to work there, baking baguettes, challah, muffins and other bread products for Hansen’s restaurants. A pastry chef is slated to come on board later this month. And retail is expected to resume in mid to late January or early February.

But, Hansen said, he doesn’t plan to resume a wholesale baking program.

He is, however, continuing to develop plans to use the profits from the bake shop to support a nonprofit called 509 Cooks, which he describes as “a culinary first-responder to people in need in natural disasters.” It builds on his volunteer work last fall and earlier this year in Puerto Rico.

“I want to be a finger to the World Central Kitchen’s hand,” he said. “I’m not competing with them; I’m just a finger to their hand.”

He’s also interested in building an apprenticeship program through 509 Cooks at the bake shop and possibly his other eateries.

Jeremy Hansen and his wife, Kate, own Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie, Inland Pacific Kitchen, Hogwash Whiskey Den, and Biscuit Wizard.

Common Crumb opened in early 2015 at 19 W. Main Ave.

Call (509) 315-4948.

On the web: http://commoncrumb.com.