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Mohawk employee arrested on financial transaction, identity theft charges allegedly totaling $766,000

October 25, 2017

According to Calhoun Police Chief Garry Moss, a four month long investigation of a Mohawk Industries employee has led to the arrest of 54-yearold Deborah Ann Busby, of Fairmount, in connection with financial transaction card fraud and identity fraud.

Busby was arrested on Oct. 9, 2017 on 51 counts of financial transaction card fraud and 51 counts of identity fraud.

Busby was a 17-year employee of Mohawk Industries, according to an HR representative with the company, where she worked as an Incentive Specialist. Investigators say that, after employees at Mohawk uncovered discrepancies in several Mohawk accounts, they were contacted, where several hundred documents were examined, along with conducting interviews with numerous parties. It has been alleged that Busby took approximately $766,000 over a three year time period, where she used her position to convert funds for her own use.

″(Busby) used the money to pay personal bills, take lavish vacations and purchase various items for personal use,” said Calhoun Police Captain Tony Pyle.