Talk Back Tuesday for Feb. 12

February 12, 2019 GMT

Provo organization wants its design to replace Utah’s state flag (Feb. 8)

Put the right year on it 1896, it’s a state flag not a LDS flag — crobar

It’s not very welcoming to those who aren’t of the predominate religion. It wouldn’t really be a state flag if you use 1847. At least it should just show the date of statehood, otherwise you are discounting all the years that Native Americans lived here. — Jaynee Long

Pleasant Grove raising funds for new K-9 after current dog sustains substantial leg injuries (Feb. 9)

I wonder if future K9 drug training will exclude marijuana detection. I can see a huge right to privacy problem as pot in it’s many forms is legal in many, many states.


I do not believe you can train a K9 to detect legal substances and then use that detection to pursue more infringing searches of a person. That detection can no longer be used as probable cause of illegal activities.

If that is the case all K9s previously trained to detect pot will need to be retired or used as apprehension dogs only. — JJ

Boy Scouts of America actively recruiting new Utah County charter organizations in preparation for LDS Church split (Feb. 8)

They’ve been talking for years about creating a single global youth program rather than using BSA here and having no clear program for boys in other countries. While LDS treatment of LGBT leaves much to be desired, the BSA-LDS divorce was inevitable simply for international correlation reasons. — fuddy duddy

Panel approves message that Utah doesn’t need new gun laws (Feb. 5)

“Message bills” are seldom a wise use of our legislators’ time. A statement that the status quo is OK with Utah citizens is a complete waste. Our society evolves. The dangers in our society evolve. There are currently three bills in consideration that are at least worth debate; a bill to restrict guns up to 500 feet from schools and another to require gun owners to be responsible when children or others who could pose a danger with guns readily accessible. Another bill clarifies law concerning guns carried by intoxicated persons. Mr. Maloy and Mr. Anderegg should withdraw their HJR 7. — bluecollar

A problem with ‘Red Flag’ laws is the lack of due process while infringing on a Constitutional right. We already have laws for applying due process when applicable. Red Flag laws introduce new ways to maliciously use the law as a punitive weapon. — Brent Aaron

More laws may not prevent gun deaths, but better laws would help.


Still, the point should be to reduce violent tendencies, it doesn’t make sense to just target gun violence. Violence of any time should be shunned by society and an embarrassment to the perpetrator. — Talon Jensen

A people willing to give up their rights is a scary thing historically. It is a slippery slope you walk on when you give anyone the power to take away your rights without a hearing in court. You may be talking about a gun right now, but after they are gone it WILL move onto your freedom of religion and speech. These are all rights that are under assault in this day and age. One thing that separates us from the rest of the world is the right to bare arms. We must remember that We The People grant the government rights and duties, not the other way around. Right now more then ever we must protect all of our rights or we will not have any rights. We must realize our role in this. — Matthew Petersen