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Ford’s automaking cutbacks could impact Brook Park operations

November 29, 2018 GMT

Ford’s automaking cutbacks could impact Brook Park operations

BROOK PARK, Ohio -- Ford Motor Company announced in April that it would cease sedan production by 2022, and that decision is likely to impact the Ford plant in Brook Park.

Sales of all Ford sedans will cease, except for the Mustang and the Focus Active. 

“Cars being cut in North America are the Fiesta, Fusion and Taurus,” according to autoweek.com. “They will be discontinued over the next few years as their life cycle ends.”

Brook Park Mayor Mike Gammella talked about the implications of Ford’s decision during his Nov. 20 report to City Council.


“They’re just going to do trucks and SUVs, so it’s going to pare down the workforce somewhat because they don’t need as many facilities,” Gammella said. “That’s about 30 percent of their business. At the point they get rid of the cars, one would have to assume logically that you need 30 percent less facilities, 30 percent less people across the board.”

He is optimistic, however, that a currently defunct 195-acre Ford site for sale in Brook Park will bring new business to the city.

“It’s currently on the market, and there has been a great deal of interest in that property,” Gammella said. “I’m certain that good things are going to come from it.”

Council President Mike Vecchio later asked the mayor if Brook Park will experience a 30 percent reduction at its operating Ford engine plant.

“I didn’t say that,” Gammella emphasized. “Anything is possible. We make engines over there ... and it could be a problem. We have to be very cognizant of the fact that Ford is not going to be here forever. We’ve got to redevelop this city and move forward in a more techno-centric era.”

Another major automaker, General Motors, just announced plans for possible closure of its Lordstown plant near Youngstown. That company could close as many as five plants.