PARIS (AP) — Here's how the struggling French economy stacks up compared to Germany's and Britain's:

How Europe's Top Economies Compare
Gross Domestic Product (2012)2 trillion euros ($2.7 trillion)2.6 trillion euros ($3.3 trillion)1.9 trillion euros ($2.4 trillion)
Manufacturing as a percentageof GDP (2009)10.7 percent19.3 percent11.0 percent
Growth rate(2012)0.0 percent0.7 percent0.3 percent
Unemployment Rate11 percent (March)Germany: 5.4 percent (March)Britain: 7.7 percent (February)
Top Corporate Income Tax Rate (2012)36.1 percent29.8 percent24.0 percent
Top Personal Income Tax Rate (2012)46.8 percent47.5 percent50.0 percent
Average Hourly Labor Costs (2012)34.20 euros ($44.01)Of which 33.6 percent is taxes30.40 euros ($39.12)Of which 21.9 percent is taxes21.60 euros ($27.80)Of which 15.1 percent is taxes
Average Retirement Age (Men, 2011)59.161.963.6
Average Annual Wages(2011)34,284 euros ($47,704)33,766 euros ($46,984)36,197 euros ($50,366)
Average Working Week (Full-time workers, 2012)41.1 hours41.9 hours42.8 hours
Stock Index over the past 10 yearsCAC-40: +37 percentDAX: +197 percentFTSE 100: +68 percent
Sources: Eurostat, World Bank, OECD, FactSet