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Dave’s Dummy: Killer Billy Bass

April 25, 2018 GMT

Remember like 15 years ago when people were putting those Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish on their walls? Well at least ONE person still has one, Dave’s Dummy of the Day.

He’s a 54-year-old guy named Gregory Carney in Sebastian, Florida, and he lives with his 52-year-old boyfriend Larry Timmerman. They’ve been together for 17 years.

Well . . . on Sunday afternoon, they got into an argument. And Gregory knew he could REALLY get under Larry’s skin by playing his Big Mouth Billy Bass over and over.

So Larry grabbed the fish and put it in the trash.

Dummy Gregory fished it out of there . . . pun definitely intended . . . and then he THREW it at Larry’s HEAD.

So he was arrested for domestic battery.