Reminders issued about disposing leaves

November 1, 2017

Candlewood Lake Authority reminds residents around the lake to rake and blow their leaves away from the lake.

Leaves that enter the water will decompose and become a source of excessive nutrients that could increase the likelihood of future algae blooms. Adding additional leaves to the lake will also accelerate the natural “filling in” process of a lake and deplete the lake of necessary oxygen as they decompose, according to a news release from the authority.

Residents are also asked to share the information with their lawn services.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection also offered some alternatives to raking and reminded residents its illegal to burn leaves.

Residents can instead compost the leaves, use the leaves as mulch or offer the leaves as municipal composting. The smoke from burning leaves puts dangerous particles in the air that can irritate the eyes, nose and throats of healthy adults, according to a DEEP press release.