Thursday’s Scores

January 11, 2020 GMT

To assist with Pennsylvania high school sports coverage, the AP Prep Score Center will be compiling Pennsylvania high school basketball scores.

Please report any cancellations and/or postponements from your area (with makeup dates if known).

If you have a scorelist from your area tonight, please send it to:

e-mail: apscores@ap.org (Please add PA scores in subject line)

Fax: 1-888-832-0338

Phone: 1-800-300-8340

AP has gone to a uniform keyboard line of BC-PA-FBH--Prep Scores, Please update your search for High School scores.

If you notice an incorrect score on the wire, please report it as soon as possible so it may be corrected.

Please provide your scorelist to the AP by 10:45 p.m. if possible.

Thank you.

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