Trying to predict the Rock Hall Inductees? Look to the Fan Vote

December 13, 2017 GMT

Trying to predict the Rock Hall Inductees? Look to the Fan Vote

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Predicting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees is a game us music nerds like to play, but are rarely successful at.

But there has been one (and only one) reliable indicator as to who will be honored each year – The annual Fan Vote.

On its surface, the Fan Vote wouldn’t seem to mean that much. The top five vote-getters comprise just one ballot added to a voting pool that made up of more than 1,000 artists, including current living Inductees, historians and members of the music industry.

But a trend is a trend is a trend. Since the Fan Vote began in 2012, each act that has topped the poll – Rush, KISS, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chicago and Journey – has earned induction that year.

Bon Jovi joins the list. In fact, four of the top five acts in this year’s Fan Vote – Bon Jovi along with Dire Straits, The Cars and The Moody Blues – will be honored at the Induction Ceremony on April 14 in Cleveland.

“This is the fifth year we’ve done that fan vote and each year, we’ve had at least three – usually four – of the winners from the online vote get inducted,” says Todd Mesek, vice president of marketing and communication for the Rock Hall. “It’s a good way to give people a way to be a part of it, but it’s also a validation of the process.”

When the Fan Vote was introduced five years ago, it seemed like nothing more than a PR move. It was the perfect way for passionate fans to vent their frustrations. There’s even been evidence that the poll was hacked in recent years.

“Part of what we’re trying to do is make sure the Inductions are something that’s celebrated 12 months out of the year,” Mesek admits.

This year, the Fan Vote generated more than 7 million votes. And, once again, the result foreshadowed April’s ceremony, which will be headlined by Bon Jovi.

“There’s always going to be that debate and the debate itself is really important,” adds Mesek. “So it’s not a coincidence that the votes line up as much as it is an affirmation of the impact of these artists.”