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Christmas cards told climate tale -- Tom Umhoefer

January 5, 2019

Some of the Christmas cards we received this year mentioned experiences that were driven by environmental and climate-change experiences.

My sister-in-law in New Mexico spent $30,000 for a new well at her mountain cabin -- the original well had gone dry. A friend in Missouri reported drought. A cousin in Denver said it was very dry, though the mountains were getting snow. My wife’s cousin in northern California was not affected by wildfires, though the seasonal autumn rains were six weeks late. A friend near Los Angeles said everyone in the friend’s retirement home had to evacuate for a day because of the Woolsey wildfire. That fire burned an area larger than Chicago. A nephew in San Francisco told of wildfire smoke so bad everyone was told to stay indoors.

Our outgoing cards carried the news of our August deluges, but also had some good news. A bipartisan climate bill has been introduced in both houses, the Energy Innovation and Climate Dividend Act. This will reduce emissions faster and deeper than President Barack Obama’s regulations, and it will pay a monthly dividend equally to all U.S. households. Many of us will break even or gain money.

Please contact your representatives asking them to support this bill.

Tom Umhoefer, Stoughton

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