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Cemetery Being Preserved In W-B

June 6, 2018

Editor: Father Joseph Murgas, the actual, but not credited, inventor of wireless overland communication, is little known to many people unless you have been to the museum dedicated to him on the campus of King’s College in the old Ramada Inn building on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. In 1899, Father Murgas, the spiritual leader of Sacred Heart Slovak Church on North Main Street in Wilkes-Barre, consecrated a cemetery for his parishioners on William Street in Plains Twp. This cemetery is in the process of being preserved as much as it can be considering its age. The uniqueness of this cemetery is that all the decedents buried there were interred in rows in the order of their date of death only, with no exceptions. There were no maps or plot records ever made, only a list of names and dates of death, which recently made it possible to create a map of marked and unmarked graves of the over 1,100 souls, over 600 being children, buried there. This new genealogical information is now available at the Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society and anyone interested in locating the burial place of either marked or unmarked (no tombstone) graves can contact the Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, 689 Main Road, Hanover Twp., PA 18706 or call them at 570-829-1765. J.E. Smith LARKSVILLE