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Answer Man: Marshall, Marshall Marshall

October 29, 2018 GMT

Dear Answer Man, I am confused about the Marshalls store opening in the Goldenhill Retail Center. Wasn’t Marshalls in Rochester once already? Only you can clear my confused memory. I am thinking the original Daytons store (always known as Daytons by Boomers) was renamed Marshalls, then in a short time it was renamed something else and finally stuck with the name it has for now, Macys. Please help me out. — Roberta from Elgin

Dear Roberta: I am always willing to help out my readers. You are mixing up your Marshalls, but with so many companies coming and going it can be easy to get confused.

The store in question is the Dayton’s that used to be at Apache Mall. After Dayton-Hudson Corp purchased Chicago-based Marshall Field’s in 1990, the store went by the name Marshall Field’s until Macy’s took over operations. Macy’s is still at the mall today.

Marshalls (not Marshall Field’s) is owned and operated by TJX Cos. Inc., which also operates T.J.Maxx and Home Goods.

Marshalls and Marshall Field’s are entirely separate companies.

I hope that cleared some cobwebs for you.