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Swing Zone Golf embracing youth, community with open hands

October 30, 2018 GMT

Swing Zone Golf in Tomball is very excited about its new partnership.

Initially Klein Collins head coach Michael McKinney reached out to Swing Zone Golf as he was looking for a practice facility for his team.

The facility was appealing to McKinney for two main reasons: the simulator technology and the location and convenience of a weather proof training environment.

“We are looking forward to serving as a practice facility for the team and working together on other programs, initiatives, fundraisers and tournaments,” Swing Zone Golf owner Amy Reno said.

The simulators have over 180 real-life golf courses and the students can play from first swing to last putt.

They also have various training modes and provide feedback of the golf swing including club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, trajectory and toe/center/heel contact.

Take all of the above and it makes for a perfect training facility for youth golfers.

“It’s a very realistic golfing experience with a moving swing plate, various hitting surfaces, tee, rough, sand, hi-def graphics, automatic ball feeder, and more,” Amy Reno said. “Of course, having an indoor, climate-controlled practice facility is also very beneficial with the ever-changing Houston weather.”

Cutting edge

Amy and her husband and co-owner, John, opened Swing Zone Golf in April of 2017 and they’re the only indoor golf center of its kind in the area.

“We saw a void in this area that needed to be filled to make golf more accessible and affordable to all,” Amy Reno said.

Not everyone is able to spend the time or money it takes to play at the golf course on a regular basis.

“With us, you play a round of golf faster, at a more affordable price, in any weather condition, seven days a week, day or night,” Amy Reno said.

Swing Zone Golf has six private bays with GOLFZON Vision simulators that are the most accurate and advanced in the world.

They have been ranked best luxury golf simulator by Golf Digest magazine the last two years in a row and are the official simulator for the LPGA.

Being at Swing Zone Golf allows the players at Klein Collins the opportunity to gather vital information that they just can’t learn on the driving range or course without their own launch monitor system.

“When the kids hit on their virtual driving range, the GOLFZON simulator monitors details such as spin rate, launch angle, club head speed, ball speed, side spin, peak height and what I wanted my kids to know more than anything, carry distance and total distance for each of their clubs,” Klein Collins head coach Michael McKinney said.

This is crucial data to know and try to understand.

“The kids can also play over 160 golf courses from around the world such as Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Harbor Town, etc.,” McKinney said. “The kids seem to really enjoy playing the digital courses.”

Only the beginning

So far Klein Collins is the first and only high school to form a partnership with Swing Zone Golf.

Something the company wants to continue to do with more area schools.

“We are a locally owned and operated small business and love to support our community,” Amy Reno said. “We have lived in the area for over 20 years, our kids go to school here, we work here, and it is very important to us to give back to our community.”

Being able to help train the next generation is also very important to them.

“Teaching, training and fostering a love of the game of golf to our youth is crucial to future success of the game,” Amy Reno said. “Golf provides so many skills, values, integrity, sportsmanship, respect and perseverance that will last a lifetime.”

They’re also exploring options to expand and grow Swing Zone Golf into new locations and areas in the near future.

In addition to partnering with local schools, Swing Zone Golf offers lessons and camps for youth golfers of all ages and levels.

Kids love to learn and play at Swing Zone Golf because of the technology, fun, comfortable and safe environment they offer.

“Learning the game of golf can be challenging and often frustrating in the beginning and we make it enjoyable and fun for them,” Amy Reno said. “Golf is a fun game. They can work on their golf skills with us and then have the confidence to apply those skills on a real course.”