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Letter: ‘Insignificant’ roads not given appropriate care

March 20, 2018 GMT

We read with a good deal of interest the front page story in the Stamford Advocate regarding unacceptable road patch work done by the utility companies (March 16 news story, “Drive to fix road patchwork”).

Apparently the city (Mayor David Martin, City Engineer Lou Casolo and the Board of Representatives’ Operation Committee) and unhappy with the repair work and the conditions of the roads after utility work.

It would be nice if the city showed the same concern for the taxpaying citizens. They choose to turn a blind eye to streets they consider insignificant. Is the insignificance because these streets are not a main thoroughfare with heavy traffic or is it because of the small number of voters who reside on these streets.


Mayor Martin, tell me what we should do when someone falls, when children walking to the school bus in the dark trip and fall, when our cars are being ruined. Our house values are decreasing and our taxes are increasing. We pay the same tax rate as the residents of the streets who are provided this service. Since you refuse to pave our street perhaps you could rebate a portion of our property tax to each homeowner for the many years we have been waiting for repairs and we could hire a private contractor to pave the street.

A special thank you to our representatives, J.R. McMullen and Charles Pia, Jr. for their efforts on our behalf.

Shane Smith is president of the Peak Street Association in Stamford.