Rob Portman confident Mike Pompeo committed to diplomacy over force

April 24, 2018 GMT

Sen. Rob Portman said Tuesday that he has confidence in Mike Pompeo’s promise to use diplomacy over military action should he be confirmed as secretary of state.

“The other concern I heard was that they’re concerned that he’ll be too focused on the use of force rather than diplomacy and I would just direct you to his testimony before the committee,” Mr. Portman, Ohio Republican, said on Fox News.

He said that Mr. Pompeo said during his Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that as a former military member he would promote the use of “soft power” before using force. Mr. Portman also said that Mr. Pompeo’s leadership skills as head of the Central Intelligence Agency over the past year could be used to “improve the morale” at the State Department.

Democrats remain largely opposed to Mr. Pompeo’s nomination and passed favorably out of committee largely along partisan lines.