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December 14, 2018 GMT

The holidays offer many opportunities to experience the unique beauty and charm of Santa Fe. You and your family may be planning to visit the Santa Fe Botanical Garden for the winter lights event this month or take in the Canyon Road Farolito Walk on Christmas Eve. Traditions are important, as are making decisions that’ll impact your family all year long.

Well, here is another must do to add to your list: Enroll yourself and your family by Dec. 15 in marketplace insurance for 2019. This is one of the best ways to show your family how much you care about them.

The New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange is more commonly known as beWellnm and can easily be accessed at beWellnm.com or by calling toll-free at 1-833-ToBeWell (1-833-862-3935) and 1-855-851-2018 for TTY.


Residents are encouraged to speak with certified broker and or a state-certified enrollment counselor for guidance on resources and how to enroll. A quick search on beWellnm’s “Find a Broker” tool can help you locate one near you today.

Inform your loved ones of the various resources available to them so they can make educated health insurance choices before the Dec. 15 deadline, too.

In this season of family traditions and gratitude, be sure your loved ones know how important they are to you by ensuring they are ready for a healthy 2019.

J.R. Damron, M.D.

chairman, beWellnm

Santa Fe

Power of money

The recent election campaign has scared me to death. The many millions of dollars spent in the lightly populated state of New Mexico (“Expensive campaign season,” Dec. 7), constitutes but a microcosm of the billions similarly spent across the U.S. It is very sad and completely clear that many elections are being bought rather than being won on the basis of integrity, competence, knowledge and respect for democracy.

American democracy is drowning in money. Without enforceable limitations on campaign spending, this situation will only get worse, and lead to an oligarchy in which the few wealthiest will control the lives of the majority. Our country survived the horrors of the Civil War. Can it win against the insidious power of money?

George W. Simon

Santa Fe

Bigger problems

Why does JoAnne Vigil Coppler, the City Council member from District 4, feel it necessary to try to step in to micromanage the parklet situation, when the Santa Fe New Mexican clearly stated MIX Santa Fe is in the process of fixing it (“City councilor: Tiny park ‘looks like urban blight,’ ” Dec. 11)? There are a lot more areas in Santa Fe in which they could “do their duty” and benefit more people. Look at the new ADA ramps being installed on corners. Then look at the sidewalk to which they attach. The sidewalks look like war zones. Cement gravel and tree roots do not a sidewalk make. As a handicapped person, I wouldn’t get to use the new ADA ramp because of the deplorable conditions of most of the sidewalks to which they attach. City Council members need to stop worrying about items that already have a solution and get to work on those which seem to be pushed under the rug.


Thomas Nichols

Santa Fe

Get rid of it

I always wondered what that piece of junk was on Llano Street and I recently learned it was supposed to be a mini-park (“City councilor: Tiny park ‘looks like urban blight,’ ” Dec. 11). Yikes. Whose idea was that? Is this a city installation? I thought it was somebody’s idea of public art, so I did not research it to find out where it came from, assuming it was temporary. Thank you, Councilor JoAnne Vigil Coppler, for bringing it up again. Please get rid of it.

Laura Hall

Santa Fe