Difficulty reaching La Cienega blaze slows firefighting efforts

July 20, 2017

Roughly 50 volunteer and full-time Santa Fe County firefighters spent hours attempting to put out a stubborn residential fire Wednesday on an Interstate 25 frontage road south of N.M. 599.

Efren Galindo, chief of the La Cienega Fire District, said in a telephone interview from the scene after 9 p.m. that a firetruck had a difficult time accessing the single-family dwelling.

Galindo said firefighters responded to a call around 1 p.m. about a shed burning. The fire then spread to the home.

Nobody was injured, and two pets were rescued, he said. Other homes were not at risk.

The fire persisted through the afternoon and night. Firefighters from across the county responded, Galindo said.

Adobe walls ensured enough heat for the fire, while wood frames and cinder block provided fuel, he said. The wind did not help the firefighters’ challenge of putting out the blaze.

County firefighters face particularly difficult tasks of accessing homes on dirt roads and slopes.

“Due to the position of the house, we’re unable to make access to the roof, so we’re still here,” Galindo said.