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Hillary Clinton: GOP has to decide ‘whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump’

May 9, 2019

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday the GOP is going to have to decide whether to follow the law or follow President Trump as his administration resists subpoenas from House investigations.

“We’ll see whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump that the Republicans in the Congress and in the courts are going to abide by,” Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic 2016 presidential nominee, said in an interview at Dartmouth College, adding the subpoenas would end in “big court fights.”

Mrs. Clinton praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for “forging ahead” on issues such as health care, saying, “You’ve got to keep putting points on the board that the American people can see while we’re fighting out this constitutional crisis.”

She also spoke about U.S. intelligence concluding the Russian government attempted to interfere in the 2016 election, adding she holds pride for making Russian President Vladimir Putin “really annoyed.”

“We cannot have a strong relationship with Russia for good or ill if we basically allow them to undermine the basic exercise of our democracy. I think Putin has a very clear agenda, which is to weaken not only our democracy but all of the western democracies,” she said.

Mrs. Clinton lost the presidential election to Mr. Trump in 2016.

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