Tucson police: theft of COVID-19 test kits wasn’t accurate

March 24, 2020 GMT

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — The reported theft of 29 unused coronavirus test kits from a Tucson health center last week wasn’t really a robbery at all, police said Tuesday.

They said a man who allegedly disguised himself as a delivery driver before stealing the test kits actually was a legitimate delivery driver for a third-party transport company.

Police say a man entered the El Rio Health Center building about 8 p.m. Friday and took the tests as employees were closing for the night.

El Rio employees told police they never have pickups at that time of night and they didn’t recognize the person as one of their regular delivery drivers.

The health center provided surveillance video to police and said they wanted to prosecute the man.

Police said they identified the man and determined Monday that he’s a legitimate delivery driver for a company that subcontracts for Sonora Quest Laboratories.

They said a delivery slip retained by the transport company’s branch manager corroborated the man’s account and the unused test kits were accidentally removed from El Rio and transported to Sonora Quest following a pickup request.

El Rio employees said the kits were returned and police say their investigation is closed.