Ezra Koenig too shy to play music to Quincy Jones

May 13, 2019 GMT

Ezra Koenig is too intimidated to play his music to his girlfriend Rashida Jones’ father, Quincy Jones.

The Vampire Weekend frontman confessed although he’s shared previews of his latest album ‘Father of the Bride’ with friends and family - including the 46-year-old actress, who he’s been dating since 2017 - he’s too shy to show the iconic music producer his tracks.

In an interview with Q magazine, he said: “I saw him last week and he was like ‘When you gonna come play me stuff?’ I really should cos I’d like to.

“It’s one of those things I say to Rashida, ‘Does he really want me to come play the album or is he just being nice to me, like a son-in-law type thing’. She’s like, ‘No you should!’”


The 35-year-old singer explained that the legendary musician is always offering him interesting tips and often emphasises the importance of the song, which is something the ‘A-Punk’ hitmaker strongly believes in.

He said: “One of the things he says is, ‘The best singer in the world can’t make a dud song great, but a bad singer with a good song, you can do something with that’ - and that’s more or less how I feel.”

Although Ezra wants Quincy to hear his tracks eventually, he admitted he’s sick of hearing his own songs.

He said: “We did so many mixes I just don’t want to hear it.”

Last year, the ‘Parks and Recreation’ star made a documentary about her father, titled ‘Quincy’ - which won her a Grammy Award for Best Music Film - and Ezra enjoyed being in such close proximity to the project.

He said: “I learnt stuff that even as a huge music nerd I didn’t know about his life.”