No Monkeys!!

February 24, 2018 GMT

The Hartford Yard Goats are a minor-league baseball team in Hartford, Connecticut, the double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. And as minor-league baseball teams do, they stage promotional events during games to help draw a crowd.

But the one with the monkeys on dogs chasing goats apparently is a no-go. WFSB reports The Cowboy Rodeo Monkey Show -- featuring dog-riding capuchin monkeys -- has been cancelled, following negative public feedback after the Yard Goats announced the event on Facebook.

The Cowboy Rodeo Monkey Show is popular at rodeos and at minor league baseball games around the country and there are multiple groups that put them on.

Even so, Susan Linker, of Our Companions Animal Rescue, said, “People in Connecticut love animals, they care about animal welfare and this is not the type of entertainment that our state appreciates.”

Monday, the Yard Goat’s management canceled the event and sent an email to Linker that said, “I wanted to let you that today the Cowboy Rodeo Monkey Show was canceled. They will no longer be coming to the ballpark, and never will.”

The management offered no further comment on the subject.