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National Headliner Awards Winners

March 16, 2001

Winners of the 67th annual National Headliner Awards by category followed by the first-, second- and third-place finishers:


Spot News, circulation up to 75,000: The Albuquerque (N.M.) Tribune, staff, ``City on Fire″; The (Glens Falls, N.Y.) Post-Star, Don Lehman and staff, ``Leaking Tanker Cripples Village″; no third-place citation.

Spot News, circulation over 75,000: The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., staff, ``Seton Hall Fire″; The Miami Herald, staff, ``Seized″; The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post, staff, ``I Shot Somebody.″

News Beat Coverage, circulation up to 75,000: Virgin Islands Daily News, Darrin Mortenson, ``Vieques: In Whose Defense? At Whose Expense?″; The (Doylestown, Pa.) Intelligencer Record, James Duffy and Mark Jolly, ``Paydirt: Who Wins When Farmland is Saved?″; Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette, Eric Eyre, ``Superintendent for Sale.″

News Beat Coverage, circulation over 75,000: The Star-Ledger of Newark, reporter Robin Fisher and photographer Matt Rainey, ``After the Fire″; The (Portland) Oregonian, Michael Wilson, ``Secrets of a Small Town Priest″; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, John Mangels, ``Collection of Work.″

Local Interest Column on a Variety of Subjects: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Eugene Kane, ``Metro Columns″; New York Daily News, Lenore Skenazy, ``Lenore Skenazy Columns″; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Connie Schultz, ``Life Happens.″

Special or Feature Column on One Subject: The Wall Street Journal, Walter S. Mossberg, ``Personal Technology″; The York (Pa.) Dispatch, Leslie Gray Streeter, ``Flick Chick″; Los Angeles Times, Howard Rosenberg, ``Columns by Howard Rosenberg.″

Editorial Writing: Charleston Gazette, James Haught, ``Defense of the Separation of Church and State″; Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, Larry Dale Keeling, ``Religious Bigotry″; The Des Moines (Iowa) Register, Rox Laird, ``Open Records.″

Sports Writing: The (Memphis, Tenn.) Commercial Appeal, Geoff Calkins, ``Don’t Mix Football ...″; Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal, Terry Pluto, ``Another Bad Gamble″; The Record of Hackensack, N.J., Bob Klapisch, ``Baseball.″

Feature Writing on a Variety of Subjects: The Kansas City Star, Eric Adler, ``Sarah’s Hope″; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Christopher Evans, ``A Prince, A Playground and A Man Who Came Out″; Los Angeles Times, Peter King, ``Feature Writing by Peter King.″

Investigative Reporting: Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Skertic, ``Failing Tires Carry Fatal Consequences″; The Orange County (Calif.) Register, staff, ``The Body Brokers″; The Detroit News, Melvin Claxton and Charles Hurt, ``Detroit Fire Department: Out of Service.″

Public Service: New York Daily News, Russ Buettner and William Sherman, ``Most Sued Doctors″; The Orange County Register, Kimberly Kindy, ``Motor Vehicle Fraud in California″; Los Angeles Times, David Willman, ``The New FDA.″

Business News: The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle, Dion Lefler, ``Business Stories″; The Detroit News, Bill Vlasic and Daniel Howes, ``Daimler/Chrysler Shakeup″; USA Today, Stephanie Armour, ``Business Stories.″

Editorial Cartoons: The San Diego Union-Tribune, Steve Kelley; The State of Columbia, S.C., Robert L. Ariail; The State Journal-Register of Springfield, Ill., Chris Britt.


Coverage of a Major News Event or Topic: Newsweek, John Barry and Evan Thomas, ``The Kosovo Cover-Up″; The National Law Journal, Elizabeth Amon, ``An Empty Promise″; Texas Monthly, Paul Burka, ``The Aggie Bonfire Tragedy.″

Feature Writing on a Variety of Subjects: Newsweek, Evan Thomas; Texas Monthly, Skip Hollandsworth; Time, James Poniewozik.

Special Column on One Subject: Time, Margaret Carlson; National Journal, Jonathan Rauch; Texas Monthly, Don Graham.


Coverage of a Major News Event: The Associated Press, International Desk, ``Vietnam Legacy″; Cox Newspapers, Bert Roughton, Jr., ``The Saddest Face of Africa’s Burgeoning AIDS Crisis: Orphans″; Associated Press, International Desk, ``Middle East.″

Feature Writing on a Variety of Subjects: Associated Press, Ted Anthony; Associated Press, Helen O’Neill; Bloomberg News, Adam Levy.

Columns or Commentary: Dow Jones Newswires, Michael Rapoport, ``In The Money″; Cox Newspapers, Margaret Coker, ``Foreign Journals″; Associated Press, Jim Litke, ``Sports Features.″


Daily Newspapers

Spot News: The San Diego Union-Tribune, Peggy Peattie, ``Funeral For the Cole Crew″; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Jamie Francis, ``Terrifying Crash″; The Detroit News, Daniel Mears, ``Bridge Accident.″

Feature Photography: The Dallas Morning News, Mona Reeder, ``Fowl Play″; San Antonio Express-News, Robert McLeroy, ``Lineman School″; The Dallas Morning News, Damon Winter, ``Lunar Eclipse.″

Sports Photography: Los Angeles Times, Paul Morse, ``Lenny Krayzelburg″; Los Angeles Times, Wally Skalij, ″`N Sync″; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Toni Sandys, ``Grass Face.″

Magazines, News Services, Syndicates

Spot News: Associated Press, Alan Diaz, ``Elian Seized″; Associated Press, Toshihiko Sato, ``Concorde Crash″; Associated Press, Alan Diaz, ``Florida Recount.″

Feature Photography: Sports Illustrated, Simon Bruty, ``It’s Not The Shoe″; Sports Illustrated, Paul Gero, ``Embraceable Ewe″; Sports Illustrated, Robert Beck, ``View To A Kill.″

Sports Photography: Sports Illustrated, Donald Miralle, ``Royal Box″; Sports Illustrated, Bob Martin, ``Water Gait″; Associated Press, Susan Walsh, ``Flying Jockey.″

Photography Portfolio: Mobile Register, Bill Starling; Newsday, J. Conrad Williams Jr.; The (Portland) Oregonian, Benjamin Brink.

Newspapers-Informational Graphics: Honolulu Star-Bulletin, David Swann; Los Angeles Times, staff; Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal, Rick Steinhauser.

Newspapers-Illustrative Graphics: San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News, Stephanie Grace Lim; Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, M.B. Hopkins; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Daniel Marsula.

Magazines, News Services, Syndicates-Graphics: Associated Press, AP Graphics, ``Web″; Associated Press, J. Jurgensen, ``Earth’s Shield, Spare Lodging, Sowing the Sea″; Associated Press, Peter Santilli and Justin Gilbert, ``Less Skin is in, Olympic Century, Stadium Australia.″

Magazines-Cover Design: USA Weekend, Casey Shaw and P. Smith; National Journal, Jan Zimmeck; no third-place citation.

Best of Show: The Star-Ledger, Robin Fisher and Matt Rainey, ``After the Fire.″


Best Newscast: KCBS Radio, San Francisco, News Team, ``KCBS AM News″; ABC News, Chris Berry, ″7 a.m. Newscast″; KNX Newsradio, Los Angeles, Dave Zorn, Rory Eriksen, Kathleen Mendoza and Ronnie Bradford, ``KNX News at 4:30 p.m.″

Public Service: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Colin Fogarty and Morgan Holm, ``Coming to Terms with Dying″; KNX Radio, Los Angeles, David P. Ysais, ``Getting Kids to Read″; WCPN, Cleveland, Dee Perry, ``Around Noon.″

Investigative Reporting: KCBS Radio, San Francisco, Mike Sugarman, ``Working Poor″; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, Ron Smith and Rosearl Julian, ``The Jonathan Dempsey Beating″; WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, Albany, N.Y., Mark Brodie, ``Asbestos in Mount Vernon.″

Coverage of a Spot News Event: ABC News, Linda Albin, ``Violence in Israel″; KCBS Radio, San Francisco, ``Recycling Fire″; no third-place award.

Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event: WBAL-AM, Baltimore, ``Palczysnki Takes a Neighborhood Hostage″; ABC News Radio, Chris Berry, ``Elian Gonzalez Story″; KNX Newsradio, Los Angeles, Dave Zorn, Luis Torres and Steve Cusack, ``First Word: The Crash of Flight 261.″

Documentary or Series of Reports: KNX Newsradio, Los Angeles, Gail Eichenthal, ``Strings Attached: Adolescents and Sex″; KCBS Radio, San Francisco, Mike Sugarman, ``Hired Hands″; The Savvy Traveler, Tom Verde, ``Tour of Cairo, Egypt.″

Feature or Human Interest Story: WBAL-AM, Baltimore, John Patti, ``If These Balls Could Talk″; Lichtenstein Creative Media, Bill Lichtenstein, June Peoples and Sharon Lerner, ``On A Different Note: Perfect Pitch and Williams Syndrome″; WCPN-Cleveland Public Radio, Karen Schaefer, ``Remembering the Underground Railroad.″


Best Newscast: WFAA-TV, Dallas, ``USS Cole Attack″; WCVB-TV, Needham, Mass., ``Wakefield Tragedy″; WBAL-TV, Baltimore, Rena Popp and Tim Tunison, ″5 p.m. News.″

Spot News Event: WEWS-TV, Cleveland, Lynn Heider and Kathy McGee, ``Meltdown″; KSTP-TV, St. Paul, Minn., Bob McNaney and Russ Brown, ``Northwest Airlines: Mishandled Mail″; WCVB-TV, Needham, Mass., ``Wakefield Tragedy.″

Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event: WEWS-TV, Cleveland, Lynn Heider, ``Hospital Crisis″; KECI-TV, Missoula, Mont., ``Montana Wildfires: Up in Flames″; WCVB-TV, Needham, Mass., David Boeri, ``On the Trail of James Whitey Bulger and the FBI.″

Feature or Human Interest Story: KDFW-TV, Dallas, John Hammarley, ``Ethel Hears Again″; WFAA-TV, Dallas, Douglas Burgess, ``The Humming Birds and the Bees″; WFAA-TV, Dallas, Janet St. James and Douglas Burgess, ``The Baby Factory.″

Public Service: Georgia Public Television, Carol Fisk, Gerald Bryant and Leigh Green, ``Final Choices″; WYFF-TV, Greenville, S.C., Michael Cogdill, John Hendon, Lori Webster and Tim Whims, ``Message from the Bottle″; KGO-TV, San Francisco, Michael Finney and Jennifer Vogelsberg, ″7 on your Side.″

Documentary or Series of Reports: KCNC, Denver, Stephanie Riggs & Bill Masure, ``Embracing a Dream″; WTHR-TV and Calamari Productions, Indianapolis, Kevin Finch, Karen Grau, Steve Starnes and John Whalen, ``In the Child’s Best Interest″; Georgia Public Television, Rojene Bailey, Phil Proctor, Carol Fisk, Scott Huffman and Hal Lamar, ``Hosea in His Own Words.″

Investigative Reporting: KHOU-TV, Houston, David Raziq, Anna Werner and Chris Henao, ``Treading on Danger?″; WEWS, Cleveland, Tom Merriman, ``Inside These Walls″; WFAA-TV, Dallas, Valeri Williams and Meredith Schucker, ``Lives at Risk.″

Sports Reporting: WFAA-TV, Dallas, Dale Hansen, Tony Martinez and Arnold Payne, ``The Landry Legacy″; WFAA-TV, Dallas, Douglas Burgess, ``One More Chance to Play″; WFAA-TV, Dallas, Gary Reaves and Douglas Burgess, ``To Hell and Back.″

Graphics: WCVB-TV, Needham, Mass., Brian Kelleher, ``Newscenter 5 Design″; KSWB-TV, San Diego, Maryl Lavelle, ``KSWB Station IDs″; No third-place award.


Best Newscast: ABC News, Kathy O’Hearn and Elizabeth Vargas, ``World News Tonight: Elian Gonzalez″; CNN, Judy Woodruff and Bernard Shaw, ``CNN’s Inside Politics″; NBC News/Discovery Channel, Carol Williams, ``Discovery News.″

Coverage of a Major News Event: ABC News ``Nightline,″ Ted Koppel, ``The Holy Land: A Nightline Town Meeting in Jerusalem″; CNN, Rob Howell, Dave Timko and Heather Whitley, ``Election 2000″; Dateline NBC, Steve Eckert, ``Danger on the Road: Ford Firestone and the Federal Government.″

Feature or Human Interest Story: ``Dateline NBC,″ Izhar Harpaz, ``Family Ties″; ABC News ``Prime Time Live,″ Diane Sawyer and Robbie Gordon, ``Roots of Rage″; CNN ``NewsStand,″ Jan Smith, ``Military Pay.″

Documentary or Series of Reports: ABC News ``Nightline,″ Ted Koppel, ``Aids in Africa″; CNN Productions, Christiane Amanpour and Liza McGuirk, ``Revolutionary Journey″; ``Dateline″ NBC, Shachar Bar-on, ``Mark of Dishonor.″

Investigative Reporting: ABC News ″20/20,″ Harry Phillips and Connie Chung, ``Justice at Last?″; ``Dateline″ NBC, Mark Feldstein and staff, ``Saving Richard″; ``Dateline″ NBC, Lynn Dale and John Larson, ``The Paper Chase.″

News Magazine: CNN, CNNdotCom Staff, ``CNNdotCom″; NBC News/Discovery Channel, Carol Williams, ``Discovery News″; ``Dateline″ NBC, Benita Alexander-Noel, ``Road to Disaster.″

Sports Reporting: CNN/Sports Illustrated, Robert Abbott, ``Bobby Knight Investigative Report″; NBC News/Discovery Channel, Carol Williams, ``Discovery News: Maximum Performance″; CNN , Jeff Flock, ``How Far? How Fast? How High?″

Best of Show-Radio: KCBS, San Francisco, Mike Sugarman, ``Working Poor.″

Best of Show-TV: ABC News ``Nightline,″ Ted Koppel, ``AIDS in Africa.″

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