Gun rights sanctuary passes in 3 towns on Town Meeting Day

March 6, 2020 GMT

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Three out of about a dozen Vermont towns passed resolutions on Town Meeting Day to become Second Amendment “sanctuary” towns, supporting gun rights and opposing more state and federal gun control laws, organizers said.

About a half dozen towns where the resolution was proposed did not take up the measure on Town Meeting Day on Tuesday because officials did not feel it was appropriate for the setting, said Eric Davis, president of Gun Rights Vermont. Lowell, Eden and Whittingham passed the resolution, he said.

“The whole thing is kind of symbolic anyway so I think that you know we’re getting the conversation going is what we set out to do and it’s been a success in that respect,” Davis said.

The town of Barton rejected the proposal. The voice vote on Tuesday was close, Town Clerk Kristin Atwood told the Caledonian Record. Select boards in the towns of Holland and Pittsford adopted the resolution to become sanctuary towns earlier this year. The resolutions are not legally binding.