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Somerset County Prothonotary Office delivers report

May 21, 2019 GMT

The Somerset County Prothonotary’s Office has filed the following report for April:

New passport applications: 63Passport photographs processed: 60

Filings are as follows, including new cases and open pending cases, which have activity being processed by the office:

Divorces — new transactions: 15, pending cases: 269Civil actions — new transactions: 100, pending cases: 731Judgments — new transactions: 89, pending cases: 3,885Custodies — new transactions: 10, pending cases: 83Protection from abuse — new transactions: 6, pending cases: 7Miscellaneous — new transactions: 8


Total fees collected: $20,314.30. The fees were distributed as follows:

To the county: $13,904.41To the state: $4,495.39To the automation fund: $1,160To the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts: $68To the county for Infocon County Access: $686.50