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Marquez won’t quit for HD 52

April 9, 2018 GMT

I have this insanely busy friend who isn’t just a dreamer, she’s a doer. She thinks that never giving up on what’s right and always fighting for the little guy is what’s ultimately important. That means working her full-time day job, running immediately after to an affordable housing meeting, and staying up all night organizing comments from her neighbors regarding how their lives could improve.

From these comments, she’s crafting a platform to take to Helena as the next legislative representative for Housing District 52. She truly believes her future constituents deserve to have their issues taken seriously, and who better to give voice to their needs than the young woman who was born and raised down the street?

The next night after work she speaks at the community library on behalf of people society has left behind. That Saturday she hit the pavement to ask more of her neighbors what they needed from their next legislator.

She doesn’t quit. Her name is Amelia Marquez, the next legislative representative for House District 52.

Nadine Smith