Ovechkins receive outpouring of love as couple’s first baby born

August 19, 2018 GMT

The news that Alex Ovechkin’s wife, Nastya Shubskaya Ovechkina, was pregnant with the couple’s first child was only officially revealed after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. On Aug. 18, their first child was born.

The Ovechkins named their first-born son Sergei, after Alex Ovechkin’s late brother.

18.08.18 🙏🏻❤️#добропожаловатьвэтотмир #нашмалыш #ovechkinJr A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on Aug 18, 2018 at 9:18am PDT

Sergei’s first baby photo received more than 120,000 likes on Ovechkina’s Instagram in the first 24 hours.

Ovechkina reportedly delivered Sergei in Florida, making him an American citizen.

Ovechkin, 32, said in June that being an expectant father for the first time was “the best feeling ever.” Former Capitals coach Barry Trotz added during his exit interview in Washington that he felt it would be good for Ovechkin to be a dad, but wouldn’t “mellow” him out.

“Emotionally you’re gonna see his personality and all that, but I think you’re gonna see the understanding (that) now you have a child, it’s taking care of someone else,” Trotz said. “That’s sort of the torch that your parents handed over to you, and now he’s got the torch and he’s gonna raise his child with his wife and it’s gonna be good.”

Many fans found it fitting that Sergei’s birth date -- the 18th day of the eighth month, 2018 -- was filled with the number eight, his dad’s jersey number.

Other fans are already looking forward to see if Sergei Ovechkin will be the LeBron James Jr. of hockey:

″ in the 2035 NHL draft the Edmonton Oilers are pleased to select with first overall pick baby Ovechkin” Danny Mulek (@Dannymulek) August 18, 2018

can you believe baby ovechkin is already better than the leafs entire first line -` skai - (@icefeathxr) August 19, 2018