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GHBA Remodelers Council Create your home office

July 22, 2018 GMT

Do you run a small business from your home?

Purchasing the right kind of cabinetry will improve productivity, efficiency and make your office look more professional to visiting clients.

Finding the right custom cabinetry for your home office is not an easy task.

Here are some tips that can make the process less complicated and more enjoyable:

Space planning: Take measurements of the office space. Draw up a simple floor plan of the available space and fill in dimensions. Wall, window and doorway dimensions are essential. Office equipment measurements are also helpful.

Know your needs: In order for a designer to create the best office for you and your needs, be prepared to discuss how you use the space.

Ask yourself questions like: Do you mostly work on your computer? Do you prefer more writing space? Do you have files or books to store?

Answers to these questions can determine cabinet placement, cabinet height and cabinet interiors — all of which contribute to making your space more efficient and more organized.

Choosing a designer: When selecting custom cabinetry, you are making a big investment. Make sure you choose a designer who listens to your needs, is knowledgeable in cabinetry construction and style, and can supply you with appropriate literature and samples to help make your decisions easy ones. Make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Keep your budget in mind: Communicate any budget concerns or restrictions with the designer.

This will help them guide you to the cabinetry lines, styles and woods that suit your pocketbook.

Make sure to mention what aspects are most important to you in your design if there is a need to cut back costs.

When in doubt, ask: If you have any questions throughout the process, do not hesitate to ask your designer.

As professionals they have the resources and skills to find solutions to even the most obscure design dilemmas.

So, ask them for advice; that is what they are there for.

This article was provided by the GHBA Remodelers Council. For information, contact Lorraine Hart at lorraine@idealconsulting.net.

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