Carrie Fisher’s dog has Star Wars cameo

December 9, 2017 GMT

Carrie Fisher’s beloved dog has a cameo in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.

The iconic actress shot some scenes as General Leia Organa in the upcoming movie before her tragic passing at the age of 60 last December, and eagled-eyed fans have now caught a glimpse of her loyal French bulldog Gary in promotional photos from the movie.

A person from fan site Fantha Tracks shared a still photo from the set, which featured a small alien resembling the dog in the background, and asked director Rian Johnson: “we @FanthaTracks want to know if you can confirm this cute little creature is #spacegary in #TheLastJedi (sic)”


The filmmaker replied: “YES! Wow, good eyes.”

The news comes a few months after a touching photo posted on Gary’s own Instagram account showed him watching his former owner in the trailer for the movie.

The picture was captioned: “Just watched the new trailer of The Last Jedi and my mom looks more beautiful than ever. #garymisseshismom #garyloveshismom#garyloveshisfans #garyfisher #thelastjedi #starwars (sic)”

Gary served as a therapy dog for Carrie in the final years of her life, and now resides with her assistant Corby McCoin.

Meanwhile, it isn’t the first time the famous pooch’s social media accounts have written touching messages since the star’s passing.

Gary’s Twitter account - which, like his Instagram, is run by a handler and isn’t affiliated with Carrie - posted a sweet tribute to the icon when she passed away last year.

They wrote at the time: “Saddest tweets to tweet. Mommy is gone. I love you @carrieffisher ... I’ll still be waiting for you....... I was always by your side but best of all you were always by mine. #RIPCarrie

“Love knows no season, It haunts the soul eternally. Coolest dog ever posing with the coolest human ever #RIPCarrie #CarrieFisher (sic).”

Carrie has always been close to her pet dog and she previously claimed he was like the late Elvis Presley because he attracts so much attention.

She said: “I want to get his tongue pierced. It’s like wandering around with Elvis. I’ve gotten so much attention with it that it seemed like the most natural, ridiculous move - if there could be a combination like that - to put him on the Internet.”