Chris Hemsworth feels responsible if his movie bombs

October 4, 2017 GMT

Chris Hemsworth “feels responsible” if his movie bombs.

The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ star admits it is tough when a film he has worked on isn’t well received by the fans as he always puts “blood, sweat and tears” into every project.

He said: “You have blood, sweat, and tears in a project, and then in an hour and a half or an opening weekend, people decide if it’s a pile of s**t or not.

“It’s gutting if a movie bombs. And I do feel responsible, but you have to develop a thick skin. You want people to enjoy it, so if it does occur, it’s a great feeling.”

And the 34-year-old actor - who has twins Tristan and Sasha, three, and India, five, with his wife Elsa Pataky - loved trying his hand at comedies such as ‘Ghostbusters’ as it allowed him to be “loose” and feel a little “dangerous”.

Speaking in the November issue of GQ Australia, he shared: “It was like, ‘God, I love being this loose. I love being able to go there and not quite know what’s gonna happen.’ It’s gotta feel dangerous, you know? You gotta be walking that line of, ‘This is gonna be great or this is gonna be awful.’”

Meanwhile, Chris previously revealed his children are “not impressed” by his job.

He said: “I come home from work and one of my boys in particular is like, ‘Did you fight the monsters, Papa? Did you hear the monsters?’ He knows Thor, and the other two, they’re just not impressed. They’re like, ‘Yeah, my dad’s Thor, whatever!’ And it’s ... the line between the fantasy of what’s on TV and how it relates to real life. At least one of them likes me. One out of three’s pretty good.”