Madison College to offer English language classes at Reedsburg campus

May 24, 2018 GMT

Madison Area Technical College is expanding its English as a Second Language program to provide more opportunities for local non-speaking English residents to advance their language skills.

Last year, Madison Area Technical College started a partnership with University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County campus to offer English classes taught by Madison College instructors. Those same courses will now be offered at the Reedsburg campus.

The courses are designed to help non-English speaking residents improve on their language skills to advance in their careers. Falco said the Reedsburg campus and UW-Baraboo will continue to hold classes this fall.

He said the reason the campus is bringing the classes to Reedsburg is because of requests from local employers and the community to meet the demands of the growing Hispanic population in the area. Falco said a total of 166 students enrolled in the program at UW-Baraboo.

Throughout the month of May, the campus has held testing sessions to place students into beginning, intermediate and advanced level classes. The final two sessions will be May 23 and another May 29 at the location of the Reedsburg campus at 300 Alexander Avenue.

Administrative Coordinator Peggy Nolden said students need to only attend one session. She said the cost of the class is free but students will have to pay for the textbook and transportation.

Classes start June 18 and will be held twice a week for eight weeks. Falco said towards the end of the eight weeks, intake sessions are given to evaluate where students are at in their language skills.

“So if they are in beginning level three or four, we can move them into beginning level four and five,” Falco said. “They’re being assessed constantly as their skills improve.”

Those looking for information can call the Madison Area Technical College Reedsburg office at 608-524-7874.