Cartwright Says He Agrees With Pelosi On Trump Impeachment

March 23, 2019 GMT

WEST PITTSTON — U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright said Friday he opposes impeaching President Donald Trump unless “we find out he did something treasonous.”

The Democrat from Moosic added he hasn’t seen any evidence of that. He was talking to constituents at Ballyhoo, an ice cream and coffee shop.

“I applaud the speaker,” Cartwright said, referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments that she doesn’t support moving towards impeachment.

“It would tear the country apart,” he added.

The congressman said he spoke to constituents who admire Trump and believe impeachment would be “a coup d’etat.”


Cartwright spoke to groups of people eating snacks and drinking coffee in the morning, hours before the Justice Department announced that special counsel Robert Mueller ended the probe into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.

Earlier Friday, Trump accused House Democrats of “wasting everyone’s time” with oversight requests and House committee investigations into his administration, businesses and campaign.

Cartwright defended what House Democrats were doing.

“I think the president is delighted that the speaker of the House has said we are not going to impeach him. The rest of it is normal and proper, and fitting oversight, which we perform because it’s our constitutional responsibility,” Cartwright said. “It is absolutely proper. What’s improper is for the administration to ignore these properly issued oversight requests.”

Cartwright said many constituents on Friday wanted to know about proposed cuts to Medicare, Social Security, education and cancer research.

“And my answer is over my dead body will we cut those things,” he said.

Cartwright said he likes doing interviews on Fox News because he wants to persuade “middle of the roaders” who watch the conservative cable TV news network.

He said he believes federal courts, and ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court, will stop Trump from using a national emergency declaration to redirect funds to build a border wall. Trump issued his first veto to overturn a bipartisan resolution passed by both chambers of Congress that would have rescinded the national emergency.

Cartwright on Friday also said he opposes the unfunded federal mandate that has resulted in landowners paying stormwater fees to fund measures that reduce pollution that drains into the Chesapeake Bay from the Susquehanna River. He said the federal government should fund those measures.


In Luzerne County, 32 municipalities put the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority in charge of stormwater management, and the authority last month began charging stormwater fees based on the amount of impervious surface area on property.

Cartwright represents the 8th Congressional District, which includes Lackawanna, Wayne and Pike counties and most of Monroe and Luzerne counties.

Later Friday, Cartwright announced the NEPA Alliance received $70,000 in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration for the development and implementation of a comprehensive economic development strategy.

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