Poppy Lane wins volleyball title

March 29, 2017 GMT

Poppy Lane finished in first place for the 2016-2017 season of the Roseburg Women’s Volleyball Association.

Put on Annex and Valley Tanning were the other top three finishers in the season, which concluded on March 13. Games were played at Fremont Middle School from late September to early March.

Michelle Otis of Miss Jenna’s Daycare and Alexa Hopins of Valley Tanning were voted Most Sportsmanlike Players of the Year. Miss Jenn’s Daycare was named the Most Improved Team.

End of year standings

1. Poppy Lane (38-6); 2. Put On Annex (32-12); 3. Valley Tanning (31-13); 4. CRDI (30-14); 5. Oregon Tax Specialists (29-15); 6. Roseburg Police Employees Association (28-16); 7. Swanson Group (2-22); 8. Umpqua Dairy (15-29); 9. Bobby Geyer Construction (14-30); 10. Miss Jenna’s Daycare (10-34); 11. Driver Dentistry (9-35); 12. Roseburg Refrigeration (5-39).