Luzerne County Council Approves $150K Settlement

January 23, 2019 GMT

WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County Council on Tuesday approved a $150,000 settlement of a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by Donna Magni, the county’s former interim director of budget and finance.

The county will pay about $47,000 of the settlement, while the county’s insurance carrier will cover the remaining amount, county chief solicitor Romilda Crocamo said.

Magni was terminated from her employment with the county on Jan. 31, 2014. The same day, county employees received notice that some W-2 statements issued to them in January 2014 were inaccurate.

Magni sued the county and several county officials in April 2015, claiming she was fired unjustly, without cause or due process.

The suit contended that software problems with the county’s computer system caused the tax form mistake and Magni was unfairly blamed.

Council on Tuesday voted 6-2 to approve the settlement, which came six days before the case was scheduled to proceed to a civil trial next week.

Council members Harry Haas and Linda McClosky Houck voted no, while councilmen Stephen A. Urban and Matthew Vough were absent.

After the meeting adjourned, Haas and Houck said they believed the county should have taken the case to trial.

“I felt we had a case,” Haas said

The agreement was reached during a settlement conference last week, council Chairman Tim McGinley said.

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