The past 100 years, June 15, 2017

June 15, 2017 GMT

June 15, 1917: The official report on registration in New Mexico made by Federal Disbursing Officer R.C. Reid today shows a total of 32,003. Of these 27,372 are whites; 199 negroes; 4324 aliens; 108 alien enemies. It is estimated 100 have registered since June 5th. Including enlistments already made it is believed the census estimate of 34,382 will be exceeded.

June 15, 1967: Federal Office of Economic Opportunity director Sargent Shriver made a call for assistance to Gov. David F. Cargo today after Cargo’s remarks got Shriver in hot water, the governor said.

The telephone call from Washington came through while Cargo was talking with reporters about his testimony before Congress on problems of rural poverty in New Mexico.

“Man, they picked up your testimony and really let me have it,” Cargo quoted Shriver as telling him.

Speaking before a congressional subcommittee yesterday, Cargo said too much anti-poverty money was being spent on high-priced administrators and surveys instead of helping the poor.

June 15, 1992: A sign on a door at Santa Fe County Magistrate Court may violate the federal and state constitutions, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer says.

On the door leading from the lobby of the court to the courtroom area is a black plastic sign with engraved white letters that reads, “Court Personnel Only.”