Gelzinis: Liz’s trip to Afghanistan paints stark contrast to prez’s holiday trip to links

July 4, 2017

Donald Trump likes to call Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” It’s hardly original, but then neither is the color of our president’s hair.

On the eve of our national holiday, “Pocahontas” was in Afghanistan with a couple of genuine Republican senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

As for our fearless leader, who claims to be on a never-ending mission to “Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump was true to his code by tackling the fairways of one of his incredibly fantastic, and wonderfully magnificent golf courses in New Jersey, half a world away from the front lines.

Previous presidents have chosen significant holidays to make surprise visits to our troops, far away from manicured fairways.

But not “T,” as Trump has signed his recent tweets.

To be fair, our president was coming off a rather labor-intensive week. He had to recycle an old video of himself beating up on Vince McMahon, czar of fake wrestling’s WWE, by superimposing the CNN logo on McMahon’s head. I’m betting he put more time into producing that fake video than he did examining the GOP health care bill.

Only Donald J. Trump could decide to lash out at the so-called “fake news media” by doctoring an old video where he pretended to pummel the king of fake wrestling.

The whole thing was fake, which so perfectly describes the man in the White House. Trump’s shortcut to the Oval Office had nothing to do with military service, or congressional service or statewide service.

It had everything to do with reality TV, Page Six of the New York Post and an audacious scam known as the “birther movement.”

Today, Warren, McCain and Graham are in Afghanistan talking with our troops on the frontline.

Our commander in chief, meanwhile, is golfing in New Jersey, coming off a rush of frantic publicity about a doctored video that is supposed to be his response to all the alleged crimes he’s endured at the hands of the “fake news media.”

It would be sad if it wasn’t so pitiful, so small and so incredibly ironic. Donald Trump should know a great deal about the fake news media because he owes his public life to it.

You would think a guy who loved having David Letterman joke about “that squirrel on your head,” or who agreed with Howard Stern that his daughter was hot, would be savvy enough to get with the program on July 4th.

But then, Donald Trump doesn’t put anything ahead of Donald Trump, not even the Fourth of July.

This might be amusing if not for the fact that some 30-plus percent of Americans believe the huckster on the golf course, rather than John McCain and “Pocahontas” in Afghanistan.