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2017 Election Questionnaire: Virginia Sherrod, candidate for Sycamore Ward 4 Alderman

March 16, 2017 GMT

Sycamore Alderman Ward 4 candidate Virginia Sherrod submitted this questionnaire, answering the Daily Chronicle’s questions in the 2017 Sycamore Alderman Ward 4 race.

Name: Virginia M. Sherrod

Age: 62

Town: Sycamore

Office sought: Sycamore 4th Ward Alderman


1) Why are you the best candidate?

Having been born and raised in Sycamore, I will listen to my neighbors concerns, and keep the lines of communication open. The city infrastructure and downtown business area make sure that Sycamore truly does offer more.

2) What should be the top priorities for the community?

Making sure our streets are repaired in a timely manner. Trying to keep taxes reasonable so people are not over taxed.

3) What issues are most important in your ward?

Infrastructure, maintaining streets, and taxes.

4) Did the City Council err when it voted to allow the county to convert a State Street house into a sober-living home?

Not necessarily; it’s a great way to help those who really want to change their life. It’s all about giving them a second chance.

5) What is your position on allowing to county to expand the amount of property it owns in the city?

The current county land purchases will benefit the community as a whole. We need to make sure any future county property purchases benefit the community also.

6) The city’s parking meter system is one of the charms of downtown. However, finding parts for the meters is a challenge, and about half the fines go unpaid. Should the system be changed, removed, or kept as-is? Why?

It is one of the charms of our city. Where else can you park a car for pennies? My hope is we will be able to fix our meters, and collect the fees in a timely manner.

7) How should the city finance its ever-growing funding obligations to its police and fire pension funds?

I believe the city is doing an excellent job handling this concern. We need to make sure that when the market improves, the burden is lessened on the property taxes.