Donald Trump says Japan’s leader Shinzo Abe nominated him for Nobel prize for stance on North Korea

February 15, 2019

President Trump said Friday he’s done such a good job easing hostilities with North Korea that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

At a press conference in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Trump said Mr. Abe showed him “the most beautiful five-page letter” that he sent to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which bestows the prestigious award annually.

The president said Mr. Abe is grateful for Mr. Trump’s diplomatic efforts with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who has stopped testing missiles over the sea of Japan and ceased nuclear tests amid denuclearization talks.

“He had rocket ships, and he had missiles flying over Japan, and they had alarms going off, you know that,” Mr. Trump said. “Now all of a sudden, they feel good. They feel safe. I did that.”

Mr. Trump is scheduled to hold his second summit with Mr. Kim in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Feb. 27-28.

The president said he deserves the prestigious prize more than former President Barack Obama, who was awarded it in his first year in office.

“I’ll probably never get it, but that’s OK,” he said. “They gave it to Obama, he didn’t even know what he got it for.”

Mr. Trump said he changed the conciliatory approach of previous administration’s essentially to scare North Korea to the bargaining table.

“It was a very tough dialogue at the beginning ‘fire and fury,’ ‘total annihilation,’ ‘my button is bigger than yours, and my button works’ remember that? And people said Trump is crazy,” he said. “And you know what it ended up being? A very good relationship. I like him a lot, he likes me a lot. Nobody else would have done that. The Obama administration couldn’t have done it.”