Rebel Wilson wants to be body image role model

April 29, 2019 GMT

Rebel Wilson wants to be a role model for those who don’t “conform to the thin body image”.

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress doesn’t want people to be ashamed of the way they look and hopes if they can see her being “brave and bold” and enjoying her life”, it could inspire others to do to the same.

She said: “There’s a lot of pressure on women, especially younger women, to conform to the thin body image.

“Not everyone can be that way and no one should be ashamed of how they look or suffer bullying and other forms of abuse because of their size and shape.

“I’m a very unique case in Hollywood because there are very few women who look like me and are working a lot in movies.


“So if women - and young women in particular - can see me in interesting roles, being brave and bold and having fun in life, that can be a big help and help their self-image and self-respect.”

And the ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ star admitted she feels a “responsibility” to take being a good role model “seriously”.

She said: “I take my responsibility seriously that way. I want to do everything I can to present a positive, intelligent image for women who should be proud of their spirit and energy, which will ultimately overcome any negative perceptions about how women are expected to look.”

But the 39-year-old star doesn’t think her fan base would turn their backs on her if she lost weight.

She added to Heat magazine: “It’s always been the case that there’s this commonly-held notion that audiences find it harder to laugh at a very attractive woman, as well as finding it harder to laugh at women than at a man.

“In my case, my physicality makes it easier for people to laugh at me, although it’s driven by my personality.

“I use my appearance to make people laugh, but I also think I could be just as interesting and funny if I lost weight because I think my fans would always follow me.”