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Dixon prison officer resigns, misconduct charges dropped

August 22, 2016 GMT

DIXON – Prosecutors dropped charges against a former Dixon Correctional Center lieutenant accused a year ago of official misconduct and battery for pushing, slapping, and punching an inmate – actions he said were in self defense – after he agreed to retire.

Michael Allan Irwin, 50, of Prophetstown, a corrections officer for 21 years, said in court records that he acted “in accordance with his assigned duties and that he used only the force necessary and reasonable” to prevent inmate Darrin Redmond, 23, from “continuing his assault.”

Lee County State’s Attorney Anna Sacco-Miller filed a nolle prosequi motion on Aug. 12, which means she no longer wants to pursue a conviction. She predicated the dismissal on Irwin satisfying a pretrial condition – that he retire.

According to court documents, Irwin was working in the prison’s psychiatric unit on Sept. 6 when he pushed Redmond onto his bed, slapped him in the face and punched him in the testicles.

He was charged Nov. 24 with three felony counts of official misconduct and three misdemeanor counts of battery.

Redmond was charged with aggravated battery of a peace officer, a felony, and misdemeanor battery; those charges, too, were dismissed.

He was in Dixon prison serving a 3-year sentence levied in Cook County in 2014, also for aggravated battery of a peace officer. He was paroled in April.