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Actor James Garner Enters Hospital for Surgery

April 19, 1988 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Actor James Garner was hospitalized Monday and began a series of tests prior to surgery to clear an obstruction restricting the flow of blood from his heart, a spokeswoman said.

″It’s major surgery and they are going to operate and take care of it,″ Garner’s assistant, Maryann Rea, said shortly after the actor checked into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Surgery was scheduled Thursday morning.

During the planned three-hour operation, a balloon will be used to compress an aneurysm formed on the wall of the aorta, which takes blood from the left ventrical of the heart to the body.


Garner, who turned 60 on April 7, was expected to be hospitalized for about 10 days.

″He’s feeling fine,″ said Ms. Rea, adding the aneurysm was discovered during a regular checkup. ″He wasn’t sick and had no pain. Yes, it was a surprise.″

Garner, best remembered by television viewers of the old ″Maverick″ and ″Rockford Files″ series, was nominated for an Oscar for his starring role opposite Sally Field in the movie ″Murphy’s Romance.″

He also starred with Julie Andrews in ″Victor Victoria.″