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Donald Spector, One of the World’s Most Prolific Inventors, Issued New Patent in 3D Printing for Orthopedic Inserts

November 5, 2019 GMT
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Donald Spector
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Donald Spector

JUPITER, Fla., Nov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Intellectual Properties International Holdings, Inc., a Delaware holding company with a world class IP portfolio, announces the newly granted US Patent #10,466,667 to Donald Spector, for a method creating custom orthopedic supports from computerized data input.

IPI Holdings brings World Class Intellectual Properties Portfolio to Palm Beach County

Lisa Pamintuan, President of IPI Holdings says, “our new 3D printed orthopedic insert, which with the use of new printers is expected to cost less than $5.00 to patients, can be automatically printed in several minutes after an image is sent to a computer. These will compete with orthotic inserts but importantly, unlike the major commercially available shoe inserts which are symmetrical for each foot, these inserts will be customized by considering many factors including Leg Length Differentials (LLD).”

The majority of people have two different length legs which vary by a fraction of an inch. However, this small difference is enough to cause curvature of the spine as well as hip and knee injuries. It is estimated that most of these conditions arise from people compensating for the differential and therefore creating long term bone deformities. The over-the-counter inserts are symmetrical and do nothing to correct this major problem. People wait, because of the expense and time until they have a problem and then try to solve it by relying on expensive orthotics from a doctor’s office. The best way to prevent a chronic problem is to have the correct insoles before it becomes an issue. This new technology will allow that to be accomplished at a store or even online at an affordable cost.

The new patent and associated technologies are not designed to compete in the OTC market of companies that even if customized for the foot do not address Leg Length Differential which requires a digital scan of the body and algorithm to deliver instructions to the 3D printer. The new patent methodology will print out inserts competitive with customized inserts that previously cost hundreds of dollars in a doctor’s office. Spector says, “the most sophisticated problem is how to slowly address already curved spines, resulting in part from LLD, without too much discomfort. Protocols will be established to gradually deal with existing conditions as well as automatically preventing the beginning of disorders from LLD.”

Donald Spector is an inventor with hundreds of US and foreign patents in medicine, entertainment, communications, technology and consumer products. Mr. Spector has opened up several billion-dollar industries. He created the first hydraulic exerciser; the first hyperbaric chamber for seeds and the first ball that lit up at night. Bristol-Myers Squibb set up a separate division for Spector’s patents including the first electronic air freshener, the Aroma Disc System. Spector’s patents range from the first known app for location-based advertising and the basis for one of the first Super Apps on Blackberrys and later on iPhones and Androids; the first known patents for a cyber translation system; patents that predate the wearable biosensor market, as well as hundreds of other patents and technologies.

He has developed consumer products including those for Bristol-Myers/Squibb, AMF, Sun Chemical, Symrise, Sony, Remington, Hasbro and Mattel, and hundreds of products in medical equipment including UV LED’s in ventilation systems for killing disease-causing organisms and surgical instruments for instant diagnosis. In his career Spector has also been president of a record label, an executive producer of a Broadway show, an author and advisor to many top leaders in industries and governments throughout the world.

Lisa Pamintuan was one of the first students of the legendary Hall of Fame tennis coach Nick Bollettieri and lived in his house before there was the world-famous academy. Lisa competed as a junior and was the youngest winner of the Irish Open and competed at Wimbledon and the US Open prior to being injured from Leg Length Differential issues. She recently returned to playing tennis after correcting her LLD. Her game improved dramatically and is now considering competing in the Over 50 World Championships in May 2020. Lisa says, “I’ve been working with Don Spector for a couple of decades and it is exciting to add this technology to IPI Holdings. I hope that this new world class technology will not only be profitable for the company but help millions of people both preventatively and even after injury, like it has helped me.”

During her injury period, Lisa graduated from law school and later was appointed as president of a consumer products company. Most recently, she finished her tenure as the youngest female president of a U.S. college.

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